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ok this is my favorite picture of kanye ever

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We’re all going to hell

this post might be the best thing ive seen on here

Oh god I’m snorting SOMeBOdY SEnD HElP

I am done with this website

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It was so great meeting Teeny’s dad side of the family. I met them for the first time this past weekend at a mini family reunion for them and when we were saying our goodbyes it was like I’ve known them for so long. They were so welcoming and it was a great experience. :)




Going to School


think of all the people who scrolled away




Going to School


think of all the people who scrolled away

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"JMU is for Lo💛ers." #Teeniel

"JMU is for Lo💛ers." #Teeniel


sleeping on the couch in the living room of my own house visiting from school for Easter lol.

this time I’m really all alone. thankfully Lilo is by my side though. I love her.


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then & now

tim duncan look like a bitch still

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My Anchor

When people ask me about what I like best about having a girlfriend, well, no one really asks me this question but I like to pretend people do so I’m just going to explain what I would say to these pretend people 😊.

My favorite thing about having a significant other is the fact that she’s always there for me - literally always. The past 15 months we’ve been together a lot of things have changed and taken it’s shape. People have been going in and out of my life including family and friends. The people that used to be there for me aren’t in the picture anymore and vice versa. But even those people who have newly came into my life see themselves on their way out eventually.

The only person that I can say that has not only guided me into the right direction but also has allowed me to learn so much about myself is Teeny. I don’t think she realizes how much I actually mean it when I say that she is my world. Every little thing I do revolves around her someway somehow, even to the little things like, “Oh nah I don’t need to go to the gym today because Teeny didn’t go,” or “I don’t need to brush my teeth tonight because Teeny didn’t” and even positively - “Dang, Teeny got an A on her test… I GOT TO GET AN A+!” Just the little things like that, and I enjoy that my life is like that. My life has a bigger meaning than to myself.

When things get down in the dumps for me, she is always there to say the right things. She doesn’t necessarily have to agree with me but she guides me in showing me both sides of a situation. If I didn’t have her there for me I would always think I’m right, that my side is always the correct side and the other people are dumb not to realize.

It’s a shame that sometimes I don’t actually realize at times how great Teeny is to me. It’s something that I try to work on. Honestly, this girlfriend thing still feels pretty new to me because this has been the quickest 15 months of my life.

I’m just so happy that everything that happens she knows that I’m there for her and that she is ALWAYS there for me. And when I say always, she is always there.

Distance does pay its toll on us but that’s what makes things so rewarding. The fact that she is willing to sacrifice just as much as I am willing to sacrifice to keep this relationship we have strong, is one of the greatest things I could ever imagine.



That laugh tho

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Title: huh Artist: kanye west 1,190,541 plays



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